Lumiton Museo del Cine Usina Audiovisual is managed by the Secretary of Culture of the Municipality of Vicente López.

The venue is located in the Casa de las Estrellas (House of the Stars), which hosted the great figures of Argentina’s golden age of cinema and where Argentina’s film industry was born.

La Usina carries out the Vecine VeCine cycles for different venues in the Municipality. It conducts film training and initiation workshops, as well as cultural programs for the community. All activities are free of charge.

La Usina produces audiovisual recordings of the Secretary of Culture‘s cultural programs. 

The museum is dedicated to preserving and disseminating the history of Lumiton Studios and Argentinian cinema.  It features a permanent exhibition of the history of Lumiton Studios and a screening room where cycles, meetings and forums are held.



Municipal Authorities

Soledad Martinez

Intendant of Vicente López

Dolores Guzmán

Secretary of Culture of Vicente López

Adriano Bruzzese

Deputy Secretary of Culture

Lumiton Project Team

Adriano Bruzzese

Director and General Producer of Lumiton Project

Juan Ignacio Contratti

Usina Audiovisual Team Coordination | General Production

Carolina Sosa Loyola

Communication Team Coordination | General Programming and Workshops

Josefina Boscaroli Batallé

Lumiton Archive and Museum Responsible | Production

Abigail Castillo

Rolando Galarza

Maintenance and Logistics

Rocío González Amer

Programming, Communication Team | Production

Camila Pizzo

Communication Team | Production

Lucía Sarra

LUMITON.AR Web Production | Communication Team