Lumiton Book

Within the 90 years since the opening of Lumiton Studios we present the book Lumiton, the Label that Shaped Argentinian Cinema, that traces the history of the first Argentine sound film studios, from their creation in 1932 to their closure in the 1960s.

From Los tres Berretines to Las Furias, Lumiton has always been at the forefront of the history of Argentine cinema through its productions. All the great stars of the national show business passed through its studios, as well as great directors and a large number of technicians who worked day and night to keep the dream factory moving.

This book offers a glimpse of the golden years of national cinema told from the point of view of the Lumiton production company, the main protagonist of this story. Divided into three major chapters by decades (the ’30s, the ’40s and the ’50s), Lumiton, the Label that Shaped Argentinian Cinema proposes the narrative and audiovisual analysis of its films, its aesthetic style, its actors and actresses, and the stamp of its directors as its axis.

Its pages are illustrated with photographs and lobby cards of the films, both of the technicians on the sets and of movie stars, and it makes available to the public an important part of the Museum’s Photographic Archive, as well as the collection of restored posters of the films together with their technical data sheets and an illustrative timeline of the active years of the production company with its most important milestones.

This book was made possible thanks to the work carried out on the Lumiton Archive contained in the Museum and the texts of specialists in the subject: Gabriela Fabbro, Raúl Manrupe, Alejandra Portela, Alejandro Ojeda, Candela Vey, Martín Miguel Pereira, Mariana Scarone and Betina Casanova.