Lumiton Usina was born in 2015, and is managed by theis managed by the Secretariat of Culture of the Municipality of Vicente López. The museum is located in the Casa de las Estrellas (House of the Stars), where the figures of the golden age of Argentine cinema passed through and where the national film industry was born. It is located in the Lumiton Museum, in Munro, Vicente López, Ciudad del Cine UNESCO.

La Usina organizes and curates Vecine VeCine cycles for different spaces of the Municipality. It conducts workshops of training and initiation to cinema, and cultural programs for the community. It also produces the audiovisual records of the cultural programs of the Secretariat of Culture.

The Museum is dedicated to preserving and disseminating the history of Lumiton Studios and Argentine cinema, and has a permanent exhibition on the history of Lumiton, as well as a screening room where meetings and workshops are held; is also dedicated to restoring film, digital and paper archives through the actions of the Lumiton Archive.

At the end of 2022, a large part of the work of recovery, restoration and research of the studios’ historical heritage was crystallized in the production of the book “Lumiton, el sello que marcó el rumbo del cine nacional” (Lumiton, the label that marked the course of national cinema) after an intense collective work. In 2023 he participated in BAFICI with two of his own productions: “Diario de Sesiones Serranas” and “El tiempo de la tierra, historias originarias”. All of the company’s productions are available, free of charge, on the platform.

Autoridades Municipales

Soledad Martinez

Mayor of Vicente López

Dolores Guzmán

Secretary of Culture of Vicente López

Adriano Bruzzese

Undersecretary of Culture of Vicente López

Equipo Proyecto Lumiton

Adriano Bruzzese

Director and general producer of Proyecto Lumiton

Juan Ignacio Contratti

Usina Audiovisual Team Coordination | General Production

Carolina Sosa Loyola

Coordination of Communication Team : General Programming and Workshops

Lucía Sarra

Web production | Communication Team

Josefina Boscaroli Batallé

Lumiton Archive and Museum Manager | Production

Rocio Gonzalez Amer

Programming, Communication Team | Production

Camila Pizzo

Communication and Production Team

Rolando Galarza de la Rosa

Maintenance and Logistics

Abigail Castillo

Maintenance and Logistics