La Casa de las Estrellas (The House of the Stars) remained standing and was declared a Municipal and National Historic Monument, thanks to the efforts of a group of neighbors and former employees of Lumiton Studios. As a result, the house was able to become a museum in 2005.

The chalet was visited by the great figures of the golden age of Argentinian cinema, directors, producers, photographers, technicians, actors, actresses, and scriptwriters who rested, created, celebrated and were protagonists of the birth of the film industry in Argentina. This is how La Casa de las Estrellas gets its name. Visiting  is stepping into he fundamental history of Argentinian cinema.

The museum fulfills the important task of preserving and promoting the history of Lumiton Studios and Argentinian cinema. The venue features a permanent exhibition on the history of Lumiton and a screening room where cycles, meetings, and forums take place.

Through its permanent exhibition LUMITON: EL SELLO QUE MARCÓ EL RUMBO DEL CINE NACIONAL (LUMITON: THE LABEL THAT MARKED THE PATH OF NATIONAL CINEMA) you can travel through the history of the gong label.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Museum. You can book a free guided tour of our permanent exhibition, “LUMITON: THE SEAL THAT SHAPED ARGENTINIAN CINEMA,” which explores the history of the gong label and the beginnings of cinema. Visits led by Raúl Manrupe, a specialized researcher in cinema and mass media, documentarian, social communicator, and cultural manager.

Days and times:
Wednesdays at 2 PM, 3 PM, and 4 PM.
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The archive is made up of different collections including photographs, films, Lumiton posters, Argentinian and international film posters, low-pass film equipment, videos in different formats, and a sound collection. The archive seeks to preserve the memory, restore the materials and make them  known to the community.

At the same time, it is a living archive, since it continues to incorporate new materials generated by La Usina and the community, including documentary recordings and artistically intervened celluloid from experimental film workshops.


Access the technical data sheets of the films that were part of Lumiton’s history as a production company and take a look at​our poster collection.

We arrange guided museum visits for individuals, schools, and institutions. For more information, please contact us by clicking here.