The Lumiton Archive is a crucial component of the project, focused on preserving heritage through a film library, photo library, media library, and library. In this section, you can explore the digitized objects and documents from the archive, which are freely and openly accessible.



En Lumiton trabajamos constantemente con el objetivo de reconstruir la historia, catalogando, digitalizando, restaurando y poniendo a disposición del público los materiales que van llegando a nuestro archivo. Trabajamos abiertos a descubrir joyas históricas y ponerlas en valor, así como abiertos a nuevas donaciones de vecinos que ayuden a nuestro propósito archivístico. En esta ocasión,… View Article


El Archivo Lumiton sigue expandiéndose con nuevos materiales que se someten al proceso de visualización, catalogación, restauración, y digitalización para poner al servicio de la comunidad. En esta ocasión, tenemos el agrado de sumar a nuestra filmoteca y fototeca online parte del legado fílmico de Sameer Makarius. Nacido el 29 de abril de 1924 en… View Article


En Lumiton trabajamos diariamente sobre los distintos materiales que forman parte de nuestro archivo. A medida que avanzamos en nuestra labor, seguimos encontrando joyas históricas y poniéndolas en valor, digitalizando, restaurando y conservando en condiciones propicias para cada material. Recientemente encontramos en una lata sin catalogación un fragmento de una versión relatada en francés de… View Article

“LUMITON, El sello que marcó el rumbo del cine nacional” disponible en

Nos complace anunciar que nuestro libro, “Lumiton, el sello que marcó el rumbo del cine nacional“, ya se encuentra disponible en PDF para su descarga o lectura online tanto en español como en inglés.  Hace un año, en el marco de los 90 años de su inauguración, se presentó el libro que recorre la historia… View Article


The Lumiton Archive works every day to enhance the value of the collections, assets, and various archives that have made their way to the Museum over the years. As our work progresses, we improve our cataloging and preservation systems, along with expanding our knowledge and research on the materials comprising the Archive. Amidst the process… View Article


Vicente López has earned the title of UNESCO’s Creative City of Cinema. Since 2015, the Lumiton Project, under the auspices of the Vicente López Secretariat of Culture, has been promoting the enhancement of the municipality as a City of Cinema and Munro as an Audiovisual Hub. Today, we are pleased to announce that Vicente López… View Article


The Lumiton Archive inaugurates the new “Fondos” (Collections) section of its photo library with the Ana Baum collection. This is an extensive collection of photographs featuring the journalist alongside major Hollywood stars such as Julie Andrews, Alfred Hitchcock, Leonardo DiCaprio, and other prominent figures from the American film industry. Anita Baum was an Argentine journalist… View Article

Restoration of the Lumiton Poster Collection

As part of the archival work undertaken since the creation of the Museum, Lumiton has spent a significant amount of time locating and recovering the original posters of films shot at Estudios Lumiton. This is a crucial task in the preservation of the cinematographic, filmic, and historical heritage held by the studios. Currently, the collection… View Article

Living Archive: Tadeo Bortnowski’s Legacy on

Lumiton is nearing the completion of the digitization process for one of the most extensive donations in our Archive, the Tadeo Bortnowski Collection.This collection can be viewed in the Film Library section, where our digitized film archive is accessible to the community. Tadeo Bortnowski served as a cameraman and later as the artistic director of… View Article

Cataloging, digitization, and exhibition of the William Castagna Collection

Lumiton is in the final stages of cataloging and digitizing the William Castagna Collection, concurrently with its presentation on our website. You can view it in the Film Archive section, where we make our digitized film archive, which continues to expand, accessible to the community. The collection consists of a significant number of 8-millimeter and… View Article

Valorization of the donation of the “Estudio Finquel” photographic archive

Lumiton is currently in the process of surveying, reviewing and stabilizing the materials that make up the donation of the Estudio Finquel Archive. Subsequently, it will begin the process of digitization to make it available to the public in our digital archive section. The collection consists of negatives in 120 and 35 mm formats, flexible… View Article

New Donation for the Lumiton Archive

Lumiton recently received the significant donation of the documentary collection from Daniel Giménez Ockelmann, a photographer, correspondent, and cameraman for various television channels such as channel 7 and channel 11, as well as several works featuring the celebrated actor Narciso Ibáñez Menta. Within the donated material, there are photo negatives, photographic reproductions, film cans with… View Article

Presentation of ‘Lumiton, the Label that Shaped Argentinian Cinema’

We are proud to announce the presentation of the book “Lumiton, the Label that Shaped Argentinian Cinema”, which traces the history of the first Argentinian sound film studios, from their establishment in 1932 until their closure in the 1960s. This book offers us an overview of the golden years of national cinema told through the… View Article

Archive content

Lumiton book

NEW | Access to learn about Lumiton, the label that shaped argentinian cinema, the book that covers the history of the studio from its creation in 1932 to its closure in the 1960s.

Photo Library

Our organized collection of photographs, lobby cards, and other photographic documents from Lumiton studios’ films, shoots, and stars, as well as from other studios, are cataloged, digitized, and restored for your access and enjoyment.


Film Library

Through our ongoing efforts in film preservation and digitization, we make a portion of our film archive available to you. This archive encompasses various film formats and content, ranging from experimental cinema to home movies, advertisements, and documentaries.


The museum is dedicated to preserving and promoting the history of Lumiton Studios and Argentinian cinema. The space features a permanent exhibition on the history of Lumiton and a screening room where various film series, meetings, and forums take place. Click here to learn more about the museum and reserve your spot for guided tours.


A summary of the beginnings of Lumiton Studios, its history, its founders, its stars, and its most representative film productions.


Access to view the complete collection of recovered and restored movie posters from Lumiton Studios’ films, along with their respective technical details, casts, and technical teams.

Media Library

It encompasses a set of digitized documents that are part of our archive, including newspapers and magazines about cinema, film programs, and other relevant documents.


The Lumiton Usina Audiovisual Museum has a specialized film library available for public consultation in the reading room. In the following section, you can learn more about it and access the catalog.